Best of Show

“NA IGRE ” Directed by Pavel Sanaev

Best Documentary Feature

“Streetball” Directed by Demetrius Wren

Best Documentary Short

“Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo” Directed by Gary Lester

Best  Narrative Feature

“NA IGRE ” Directed by Pavel Sanaev

Best Narrative Short

“Blood and Water” Directed by Richell Morrissey

Best  Animation

“A Complex Villainelle” Directed by Howard Cook & Bart Ovaitt

Best Student Film

“Not Worth A Bullet” Directed by Markus F. Adrian

Best Music Video

“Corrupted Scene Behind The Stage” Directed by Ivan Mena Tinoco

Best Experimental Film

“The Glitter Emergency” Directed by Paul Festa & Kevin Clarke

Best Script

“Halfway Home”  by David Schroeder

Best Actor

Andre Hennicke “Die Entbehrlichen”

Best Actress

Alexia Rasmussen “Listen To Your Heart”

Best Supporting Actor

Ed Harris “Once Fallen”

Best Supporting Actress

Cybill Shepherd “Listen To Your Heart”

Best Director

Andreas Arnstedt “Die Entbehrlichen”

Best Cinematography

“NA IGRE ”  Vladislav Gurchin

Best Original Score

“Not Worth A Bullet” Emannuel Hoisl & Nicolas Nohn

Best Costume Design

“Cafe”  Directed by Norman Magden

Best Production Design

NA IGRE ” Directed by Pavel Sanaev

Best Editing

“The Way We Are” Directed by John Kenney

Best Special  Effect Make-Up

“Dilated” Directed by Brian L. Tan

Best Digital Effects

“Dilated “ Directed by Brian L. Tan

Best Stunts

“NA IGRE ” Directed by Pavel Sanaev

Summer 2010 Best Winners

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